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Hey Guys

Only 11 more days until we have some of the baddest doorcars around all at one race. Gonna be one hell of weekend.

When we had our meeting at Yearwoods we did not want to promise you guys paved parking as I didn't know how many RODS cars would be attending. It looks like I will have around 13 to 15 cars. If it stays that way we will have some paved parking for you guys.

Let me know how many cars you have doing the drive and I will see if we can help with some pavement.

I'll check back every couple od days or you can email me a [email protected]

Looking forward to racing with you guys.


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Schedule for Saturday April 18th

Time Class Round Lanes

8:00 AM Gates Open
9:30 AM Open Time Trials Lanes 2 to 5
10:00 AM Junior Dragsters Lane 1
Open Time Trials Lanes 2 to 5
10:30 AM Super Street Q1 Lanes 7&8
Super Gas Q1 Lanes 7&8
Super Comp Q1 Lanes 7&8
11:00 AM Junior Dragsters Lanes 1
Open Time Trials Lanes 2 to 5
11:30 AM Super Street Q2 Lanes 7&8
Super Gas Q2 Lanes 7&8
Super Comp Q2 Lanes 7&8
12:00 PM Junior Dragsters Lanes 1
Open Time Trials Lanes 2 to 5
12:30 PM Super Street E1 Lanes 7&8
Super Gas E1 Lanes 7&8
Super Comp E1 Lanes 7&8
1:00 PM No Bull E1 6 Cars with 9 or more
1:15 PM Junior Dragsters Lanes 1
Open Time Trials Lanes 2 to 5
1:45 PM Super Street E2 Lanes 7&8
Super Gas E2 Lanes 7&8
Super Comp E2 Lanes 7&8
No Bull E2 6 Cars with 5 or more
2:00 PM Junior Dragsters Lanes 1
2:00 PM RODS Qualifying Q1 Lanes 7&8
2:30 AM Open Time Trials Lanes 2 to 5
3:00 PM Junior Dragsters Lanes 1
3:00 PM Super Street E3 Lanes 7&8
Super Gas E3 Lanes 7&8
Super Comp E3 Lanes 7&8
No Bull E3 6 Cars with 3 or more
3:15 PM Open Time Trials Lanes 2 to 5
3:45 PM Super Street E4 Lanes 7&8
Super Gas E4 Lanes 7&8
Super Comp E4 Lanes 7&8
No Bull E4 6 Finals
4:00 PM Junior Dragsters Lanes 1
4:00 PM RODS Qualifying Q2 Lanes 7&8
4:30 PM Finish Super Classes
Open Time Trials Lanes 2 to 5

5:00 PM Close Gates

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Sorry guys, I had some last minute cars decide to run with RODS this weekend. It looks like I will not have any paved area for you.

Looking forward to us all running together. The weather looks great so far.

See you guys this weekend.

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I am fairly confident that their will be a paved spot open somewhere. I just don't want you guys to go out there thinking you have something reserved for you. I/RODS has all of the spots reserved on the North West and South West area. At this point I have maybe two spots open. I need to make sure that should I have some LATE entries I will have a place to put them. The track is also having a Super Series race that day and I expect that a lot of the spots on the South side will be taken but I don't think they will have all 63 spots filled.

My suggestion is to get there early and be the first in line. When you drive in and you don't see a cone take the spot, it is yours.

I really don't think you will have a hard time finding a spot if you get there early.
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