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Safety Equipment

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So, I recently found myself eyeballing a fire jacket that Trmn8r was selling, I missed out on the sale, but in researching the brand/size, it would have been a poor fit for me.

So I started looking at some other brands and found the same problem. I'm 6'3" and 155lbs, so obviously skinny. So basically anything with a long enough inseam, is way too big in the waist, and anything that is long enough in the arms is way to big in the chest.

Ok, basically the story of my life, so I decide to look around for something custom.

I find Stroud Safety, and it appears that they will custom fit any of their jackets/pants/suits for an upcharge.

So I think I'll probably at least a jacket from them, and probably pants, but what SFI approval is required for NHRA drag racing at what ET/MPH?

Available options are 32a1, 32a5, 32a15, and 32a20.

Also what about the other options like cuffs, arm restraints, etc...?

Is there a ruling on full face vs open face helmets?

Is there ever a shoe or glove requirement?

Lets say I never plan on going faster than 9.50, what personal safety equipment is required for a 9.99-9.50 car?

Just wanna make sure I don't custom order something that i'm gonna need to replace in the future, thanks for reading.
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Yes a lot of things change at 9.99 seconds. But not that much for the driver.

slower than 10.0 you are only required to wear a 3.2a/1 jacket. In my opinion I would step up to the next level.

Faster than 10.0 seconds the driver needs a 3.2a/5 jacket and pants, a neck collar, a gloves 3.3/1. A full face helmet is also required.

Here is an example of SFI ratings for fire jackets
SFI Rating Time to 2nd Degree Burn
3.2A/1 3 Seconds (required for 10.0 and slower)
3.2A/5 10 Seconds (required for 9.99 to 7.50)
3.2A/15 30 Seconds (required for 7.50 and quicker)
3.2A/20 40 Seconds (required for Top Fuel)

Yearwood does have a lot of jackets in stock. In fact they are Stroud. I would go try one one to see how it fits before buying a custom suit. I would get a 3.2a/5 jacket and pants if it was me

I wish I would have done that ^^

If you're gonna be drag racing for a while, you should prolly buy the good stuff the first time.

Yearwood has them in stock.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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