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I'm new to this forum but here's what I've been working on. I'm horrible at taking pictures while doing builds so I'm starting this post a little late into the project. I'm not quite done with it yet but I think I'm making pretty good progress. I bought the car on 7/16/09. I got the car from levincoupe who I think got it from Jordan249. It was a completely stock 95 Auto.

I tore the rb25 down just short of pulling the pistons and rods. I'll try and update this post from here on
I installed-
-new oil pump
-new water pump
-Power enterprise timing belt
-ARP headstuds
-ACT 6 puck clutch/pp
-ISIS intake manifold
-Q45 90mm tb
-GT35r t4 .68ar
-Spearco FMIC (28x11x3.5 core)

Parts I still need to install
-Made cold side piping, need to make hotside
-Greddy type-r bov
-lightning maf
-fuel pump
-nistune ecu
-steel braided lines to catch can

Here's a pic of how she sits now


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Lucky... I wanted an RB25 s13 so bad but I still can't afford one..
Definitely want to see the finished product so I know what I'm missing on

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very cool, keep us posted.

id like to see some dyno numbers

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Thanks everyone. I'll get some full pics up soon. The exterior is completely stock (I even left the hubcaps on it for now). I'm hoping to make anything over 500whp on e85 but I'm going to try to break 600whp which should make for a fun daily. This is all kind of new to me because I've done everything but a rwd project. I've had a 500whp integra and a 98 2.5rs w/sti swap and fp green (never dyno'd)

I'll definitely try and keep the project updated from here on out. I'm thinking I'll have it done within a few months.

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Looks good man keep us posted!!! Strip car or drift car ???
Strip car. I've always been a straightline guy. I'll be looking into some diamond racing 15x8 5"bs rear steel wheels. From what I understand I should be able to run a 275/50/15 with just a roll.

I've yet to see anyone in the ABQ area use an RB25 for reasons other than drifting. I plan on trying to push the limits on the engine yet keep it somewhat reliable.

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Straightline FTW! Keep us posted.
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