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Rules Question

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Regarding the cut off for licensing, cages, etc. According to NHRA, we know that 9.99 requires a comp license (General Regulations 10:4) and a cert'd chassis (4:4), among other things. However the 135mph rule only ecompasses the requirement of a min. 10pt rollcage (4:11), it is not considered in the rule about it being a certified 10pt cage. 135mph is also not a cutoff for a competition license, at least not anywhere that I can find.

Can someone point me to where in the rulebook it states that 135mph requires a comp license and a certified chassis sticker? Or does this fall under the "Class Requirements" of say, the No Bull races?
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Well since this is a rules question thread, here's mine, I was told by racer who went through chassis cert. that an 8 point roll bar was legal for ET's as low as 8.50 as long as it had a stock firewall and floor pans, I lent out my rule book and never got it back, can one of you answer this with certainty,
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