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Roswell (Area51) Dragway Manager died today

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Chris Otero passed away this afternoon in Roswell after a tragic motorcycle accident. My condolences go to the family. My thought and prayers are with them.

As many of you know, Chris and I had our share of disagreements over the years. None the less, this is tragic for our community. He will always be remembered in the racing community in Southeastern New Mexico. I'll never forget his willingness to step-up and take a dragstrip that nobody else wanted. He just finished up his 5th racing season at the facility.

Rest in Peace.
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Rest in Peace,

Its so hard to hear when fellow riders die in accidents.

My prayers and thoughts go out to his family.
i met him a few times he was a cool guy RIP
There have been several different interested parties in the past few months as rumors of the track closing had been flying around. I imagine the facility will open next year with new management.
Wow. We were just talking about him at the NoBull.

wow rip
That is sad.
R.I.P. chris
You never know when your time is up, did a couple of races with him.
Chris was a great guy and one that was willing to come out on a Sunday and open the track for private test and tune, and do it for free..............I do not know to many track owners that offer that, also he was not so tied up on what was the expected set of rules, car passing crazy spec, he just liked to see fast cars and enjoyed good people, rest in peace my friend, Roswell is going to miss him, especially we get some pussy track managment out here that throws you out for running .2 of a second faster than what you tech, I will miss the good ole racing from when He was around, it sucked before he had the track, and I am sure it will suck now.

My condolences to all of his family and friends, I just passed his house about 20 minutes ago and cars were all the way down the block, very sad way to go, and I know he had kids that were pretty young. We should set up a track day to help out with the costs of his funeral or something good.
The accident was around five PM today.
Man thats a bummer to hear. RIP
Always horrible news to hear things like this.

I considered Chris my friend, and this sucks. I'll probably still be outta town come time for the arrangements, which is even worse.

I'm glad all those who had a piece to say about him and his running of the track can now STFU and leave him be.

R.I.P. Chris, thanks for stepping up for us.
^^^+1 I considered Chris a friend as well, knew him for quite a while it was a shocking phone call to recieve. My condolences to Sabrina and the rest of his family.
Chris was a very understanding guy in that most people could not afford the proper safety gear to run the faster times I for one appreciated that very much he would just say “Be Careful” and let you run anyway. I also thought of him as a friend and he will be missed by all RIP Chris.
Wow, this blows! Never meet the guy but its a tragic loss to all the knew him and were associated with him..RIP
Did he have any life insurance if not maybe we all could get something together for the family?
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