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roll racing association

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[ame=]Roll Racing-23 1000whp C6, Compound turbo 700+ whp - Car Videos on StreetFire[/ame]
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Roll racing is Liberachi gay!
Roll racing is for "10 second cars" that can't hook, miss a gear, poopras, no traction, fastest bla bla bla with a 6-speed... Make fun of my big tires all you want. Pick a stop light and bring it!
Just what do you have to "drive" in an electronic automatic car? Stab and steer is all you do.

That's the point isn't it?
If that's the point, I don't wanna hear about how good of a driver someone is. Anyone can push the gas pedal and go straight.
No argument there! Ken Block skills are not need on the drag strip. :beer:
lol any car that dead hooks on the street is probably a slow car anyway. I'll bring some 275 drag RADIALS to your stop light. You may get me for about 30ft, but I invite you to watch the show as I skate by and continue to put bus lengths on you while still hazing the tires at 140+.
I'm up for it. Loser buys the first round. I've got a nice little section of abandoned road (4-lanes, 2 miles long) by the house. :headbang:

I'm trying to get my pig tech legal by the end of Feb. NHRA is at Firebird 19 - 21. They prep the crap out of the track for the event, and the following weekend is usually packed for the "Street Drags" on Friday night. If you want to see what your car can really do; this would be a good/cheap weekend for it!


Well I'm putting my cage in right now and will have to cert it in March, so I can't run it on the track until after March. But I may make the trip after it's cert'd. Then I'll put a few busses on you on the street, then a few football fields on you at the track :pimp:

Sounds like a good time! Pinks is here in November.
1 - 6 of 61 Posts
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