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Riding in a Turbo M3 for the first time VID!!! Funny!!!

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hahaha I know how he feels

[ame=""]YouTube - HPF turbo M3 dads first reactions[/ame]
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Yeah more than likely its the HPF Stage 1.

I wonder how much it would be to custom build a kit, I want 1000+rwhp but dont wanna spend $40k to do so LOL

I love that video. Turbo M3s FTW
im sure it will be ALOT cheaper than 40k
they now offer financing for thier kits but yeah 40k is a good ball park for the hpf 4 kit
If I had the money to just throw around, I would do it lol.
40k for a turbo kit? **** that in the face
big time
put 10k into a fox,pocket 30k and wipe the ****ing floor with the bmw
sick video. my cars not even close to that fast and i think i get more reactions out of my mom lol shes deathly afraid of speed so i speed when she's in my car lol
21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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