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hokiruu said:
I need to go back to NYC indefinitely to help my Dad in his battle against cancer. Having a car in Manhattan is more trouble than it's worth and we're going to need all the money available for his situation, so it's time to put the Evo up for sale.

2003 Rally Red Evo VIII GSR. (HIDs, Moonroof, Power etc.)

71,000 miles, mostly highway. Used to commute on the highway 70-100 miles a day in CA. Not much stop-and-go traffic, just smooth cruising at 65mph. Driven nicely, always warmed up and cooled down, rev-matched. Non smoker car.
Well maintained. Oil changed every 3k miles using only Mobil1 10w30 and OEM or Napa gold filters, regular drivetrain fluid changes using Diaqueen and BG, Iridium 7 plugs.

Replaced at 63k:
New water pump
New timing belt
New pulleys and tensioners
New all-season tires
Brakes are good- Hawk HPS pads
Brand new battery put in two weeks ago

HKS Hi Power cat-back exhaust
Vishnu downpipe
Vishnu high flow cat
Works drop-in filter, cleaning kit and oil
IX diverter valve (VIII included as well)
Walbro 255lph fuel pump
JIC FLTA2 coilovers. stock shocks and springs included.
Progress rear stabilizer bar. Stock bar included.
HKS turbo timer
Stewart Warner boost gauge

Everything else stock. Have receipts for most maintenance and parts.

Tuned by Cam! I have a dyno sheet from the tuning session when the car had an MBC installed.

The car is completely mechanically sound, but is not 100% cosmetically perfect as it was my daily driver, and has some cosmetic damage (see further below). The engine pulls hard and idles smooth. The transmission shifts smooth and nicely. The clutch is still good and drives perfectly fine but should probably be replaced soon.

It is a great platform for someone looking for an inexpensive Evo who is willing to compromise aesthetics or fix them, or save the money and use it for a project car.

It has the common VIII problem of the HVAC control knobs being hard to turn/stuck. All the temperature ranges work but need to be adjusted from under the dash by the steering column (I do this while driving all the time and have gotten used to it), and the zones change everywhere except to feet. If you read the threads on this there are details on how to address this. The TSB fix for this has already been applied. All that is needed from here to make it perfect is to replace the adjustment cables.

The reason I am selling it cheap is there is some damage on the back passenger side quarter panel, trunk floor and bumper. This is totally repairable and should cost less than $2 to $2.5k according to the quotes I received. If someone were interested in pulling, flaring, or adding Voltex over-fenders to the rear fenders to fit large and aggressive wheels and tires, this is a perfect opportunity with little setback. Up until now I was planning on either doing a very aggressive pull on them or install Voltex over-fenders, both of which would negate the damaged fender area.

PRICE: $13,500.

This is below book value for a vehicle in “Fair” condition. The car is somewhere between what KBB considers “fair” and “good” condition ($14,900). It is probably much closer to “Good” condition because of all the new maintenance and the only things against it being “Good” are the cosmetic body damage and minor HVAC control issue.
It won’t take much to fix the things that need to be addressed on this car. I would love to and had planned to get everything on this car back to perfect, but the situation with my Dad is extremely urgen and time is too critical to deal with an insurance claim, waiting for the bodyshop, etc. Like everyone always says, my loss is your goal.

PM or call 505-670-7133

Thanks for your interest.


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bump for a VERY clean evo. I know Uuri and Josh the previous owner took VERY good care of this car. Definitely a STEAL at that price.
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