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I am offering the last remaining Ravelco Anti-Theft Device that I have in inventory at the cheapest price in the Nation with a still good lifetime warranty attached to the unit!!!!

I used to own a Vehicle security company before i started Dalton Performance. I was going threw my things and found that I have one remaining Ravelco Anti Theft Device left that is in perfect condition. I contacted the headquarters of Ravelco and made sure that the full lifetime warranty would still be available on this unit and it Will!!!

The Ravelco anti-Theft Device has been around for 32 years and with over 5 million sold not one vehicle has ever been reported stolen when equipped with the Ravelco. I have put a link in that will take you to the Ravelco Brochure so that you can read more about it.

I used to sell these units for $399.99 witch is the cheapest price in the nation and now I am going to sell it and install it to anyone for $300.00

Give me a call to set up a time or pm me with more info. I am a master Ravelco installer and former dealer so rest assured that you are getting only the highest quality of service.



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Could this be installed in place of the Ford factory device? My '99 cobra has a similiar device underneath the dash and I believe it is factory. But the "key" for it is broken and cannot be removed from the receiver.

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if u want to take the chip out of the mustang use a tiny screw and barely tap into to make a handle,the dealer used to just put the flat one if there if u declined to pay for it,and as far as it being diarmed by a paperclip it is true,but uve only got one shot if you screw up it fries some shit
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