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Ok, so its a rare 1 of 6 prototype race car...without an equally rare motor or drivetrain. So even by buying this rare shell itll never be restored to its glory since one of the 6 motors and drivetrains are gone. Now what it is, is a rare shell, which looks like all the other lemans shells that cant truly be restored. Im not seeing why thats worth so much.
how can you not see how it is worth alot?? its a one in six body style.. yes with original numbers( drivtrain motor) it would be worth much much more. but still its one in six just think a little harder and youll figure it out.

Im sure the engine and drivetrain werent one off's im sure so they probably dont hold the value down to much...the shell is what is the rare part. Sure the drive train would help to increase value, but its a cool car none the less.
actually if there were the drivetrain and and motor that was original then it would be worth wayyyyyyyyy more!! crazy what original numbers will do. by original numbers i mean factory parts with the factory part numbers
1 - 5 of 30 Posts
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