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"Seller puts old junker on ebay having no idea the car is a 1 of 6 factory race car with a $4000 buy it now."

" heard from a guy in Ohio that a buddy of his was on the phone with the seller and offered $1000. The seller agreed but during the call the bid jumped to 3k. Someone must have called and told him what he had because the BIN went away and he offered to let anyone who bid before the 2nd to back out of the auction"

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talk about your exotic car in the barn, i might have to go cruis the trailor parks, who knows maby i can be so lucky.

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Super Duty Tempest station wagons

Shipped to Royal Pontiac, Royal Oak, Michigan. Whereabouts unknown.
Shipped to Anderson Pontiac, Akron, Ohio. Tuned and driven by Arlen Vanke and campaigned as the Papoose One. Whereabouts unknown.
Shipped to Al Hodges Pontiac, Cocoa, Florida. Driven by John Tempest. Whereabouts unknown, possibly destroyed.
Shipped to Van Winkle Pontiac, Dallas, Texas. Driven by J.L. Meador, later owned and raced by Don Gay. Whereabouts unknown.
Shipped to Union Park Pontiac, Wilmington, Delaware. Restored.
Shipped to Arnie Beswick, Morrison, Illinois. Campaigned as Mrs. B's Grocery Getter. Stripped and dismantled, but later cloned by Wally Abela.
Super Duty Le Mans coupes

Shipped to Ray Nichels Engineering, Merrillville, Illinois. Driven by Paul Goldsmith to a win in the 1963 Daytona 250-mile Challenge Cup. Documented as destroyed.
Shipped to Stan Long Pontiac, Detroit, Michigan. Driven by Stan Antlocer. Whereabouts unknown, though front clip has been recovered.
Shipped to Superior Pontiac, San Antonio, Texas. Whereabouts unknown.
Shipped to Mickey Thompson. Campaigned as the No. 749 A/FX car and driven by Bill Shrewsberry and Bob Spar. Fate unknown.
Shipped to Mickey Thompson. Campaigned as the No. 756 A/FX car and driven by Jess Tyree; later sold to Arnie Beswick and campaigned as the Little B's Runabout before Beswick converted it into the Tameless Tiger Funny Car. Destroyed in a racing accident, but later restored.
Shipped to George DeLorean and Roger Schmidt. Restored.



Selling price: $3,300

Type: OHV V-8, iron block
Displacement: 421 cubic inches
Bore x Stroke: 4.094 x 4.00 inches
Compression ratio: 12.7:1
Horsepower @ rpm: 405 @ 5,600
Torque @ rpm: 425-lbs.ft. @ 4,400
Valvetrain: Solid valve lifters
Main bearings: 5
Fuel system: Two Carter 750cfm four-barrel carburetors, Super Duty high-pressure mechanical pump
Lubrication system: Pressure, Super Duty gear-type pump
Electrical system: 12-volt
Exhaust system: Dual exhaust

Type: Powershift four-speed semi-automatic
Ratios 1st: 2.44:1
2nd: 1.76:1
3rd: 1.38:1
4th: 1.00:1
Reverse: 2.44:1

Type: Custom locked
Ratio: 3.90:1

Type: Saginaw recirculating ball
Ratio: 24.0:1
Turning circle: 37.75 feet

Type: Hydraulic, four-wheel manual finned aluminum
Front: 9.0 inch drum
Rear: 9.0 inch drum

Chassis & Body
Construction: Steel unit-body
Body style: Four-door station wagon
Layout: Front engine, rear-wheel drive

Front: Independent, unequal length A-arms; coil springs; Delco 90/10 shock absorbers
Rear: Independent, swing-arm type; coil springs; Delco 90/10 shock absorbers

Wheels & Tires
Wheels: Stock stamped steel (front);
Reverse: offset stamped steel (rear)
Front: 15 x 5 inches
Rear: 15 x 6 inches
Tires: BFGoodrich Silvertown bias-ply (front) M&H Racemaster slicks (rear)
Front: 15 x 6.40
Rear: 15 x 9.00

Weights & Measures
Wheelbase: 112 inches
Overall length: 194.3 inches
Overall width: 74.2 inches
Overall height: 55.3 inches
Front track: 57.3 inches
Rear track: 58.0 inches
Curb weight: 3,325 pounds

Crankcase: 8 quarts
Cooling system: 14 quarts (est.)
Fuel tank: 12 gallons (est.)

Calculated Data
Bhp per c.i.d.: 0.96
Weight per bhp: 8.21 pounds
Weight per c.i.d.: 7.90 pounds

Pontiac produced just six lightweight Super Duty Tempest station wagons and another six lightweight Super Duty Le Mans coupes.

1/4 mile ET: 12.42 seconds @ 113 mph
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