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Quickest 4 cylinder?

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Hey guys, I was just wondering, who/what is the quickest 4 cylinder CAR in new mexico, based on official timeslip results?

I was looking in the top 20 et list and realized that there are no 4's at all, which actually surprised me, I thought we had some mid 10 sec 4's in the greater albuquerque area?
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Whatever happened to that yellow 9second crx? I saw it at the dragstrip once.
The only way to get on the top ET list is to post up your times.. There is a newb on here that owns a little neon that I think made a 10 second pass this year.. dirty fast crx out there, few others I'm sure.
The roswell guys have a 240 i think it ran in the 9's, the fastest FWD in NM I think was Dee's crx I believe it went 10.3 or .4's. The current fastest 4 cyl lately has to be AJ's Neon, I believe it went 10.9's this season. The rest of the FWD guys are in the 11's
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