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I don't know what the racing looks like around the rest of the country for trucks but down here in South Texas, the truck to car ratio at the track is about 60% trucks and 40% cars and bikes. Trucks are in and unfortunately, cars are out right now. Here's a video of some trucks making passes at the local 1320. Check out the times these guys are running. And these aren't even the big dogs in the area! They only come out and play for money or big events like we're having this coming vs and it looks like we're gonna get our asses handed to us!

All these truck guys have 6.0 LQ9's, heads/cam, and nitrous.
My mechanic has a 2008 5.3 Chevy Silverado with a turbo running 10.8's! That's a stock bottom end 5.3!:headbang:

[ame=""]YouTube - 1-14-09 Track Action[/ame]
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