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ok can someone please explain to me what the hell an auto stage 2 built and transgo shiftkit means lol
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it is something made to confuse little 18 year old children.
google is your friend, if that doesn't work then just forget about it
Transgo -2 usually retains the automatic shift functions of the stock valve body, but improves the shifts. There should be a "shift command" option if it's a Chrysler transmission, but I dont' think it's needed on the Ford and Chevys.

If the "Stage 2" is referring to the transmission you're on your own. It's probably some BS a trans shop or company uses to describe their pricing options.


First you need to explain why your avatar is what it is and your username is LS1_chic...
Brooke? Is your avatar supposed to be funny? I'm sure you know, but it completely contradicts your screen name...
lol OMG you guys i know!! i didn't put it on there chris did!! lol
^^ Lol, hang in there Brook! :)
Transgo is a brand of shift kit, basically it makes your transmission shift harder.

The stage thing will depend on where the trans was built, and all companies are different, so there's no way to know for sure. Usually it goes from a stock rebuilt trans ,to a strip/street build, to a full out race build, and sometimes more in between those.
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thanks guys =) and thanks brian i'm tryin just cuz you and jade said lol
Yeah hang in there...And yeah shift kits basically firm up the auto shifts and make em stronger and quicker
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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