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Project S13.5

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Well, I failed at my last project miserably and now have more money at my disposal with some saving, and selling my kouki. I bought Jedi06's SR20DET 240SX Fastback from Rabbit06 and now it's time to revive the project. The motor runs strong and the car is ready for the conversion. Here is a basic lineup of what I have planned:

-Get power steering working
-Get A/C and heat working
-Bigger turbo, injectors, and bigger fmic to make 350 to the wheels (tune of course)
-5 lug conversion
-S15 front end (oem style)
-Either pearl white or a dark blue for the paint

I will be running stock bottom and top end. Also, where should I go for a good tune here in town for this? Hopefully it'll look something along the lines of this when I'm done :) (with that paint scheme, i know they're not s13.5 lol)

Current Parts on the Car:

90 240sx se model w/sunroof
power windows
power locks
s15 seats
mb drifter rims
eibach springs on tokico shocks
nissan sport (ebay brand) ruca
energy suspension replacement bushings (still have some in box)
cusco front strut bar
battery relocation
q45 brake upgrade
apexi turbo timer
180sx viscous lsd
walbro 255 fuel pump
almost complete interior, only missing trunk carpet since was getting in way
almost uncracked dash!
boost guage an a/f in center dash

motor sr20det blacktop
s15 turbo
godspeed fmic
tial bov
dual core godspeed radiator w/dual electric fans
ebay catch can
hks supermega flow filter
greddy knock-off intake manifold
exedy oe replacement clutch
royal purple only oil/tranny fluid
nismo motor mounts
circuit sport down pipe an elbow
ebay 3 inch exhaust, think greddy knock off
real b&m short shifter
circuitsport tension rods
tien extended/hardened tie rod ends
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My parts came in!!! Just thought I would share some pics :) We'll also play a game called: Find Turbo That's right, it's not there :ph34r: They ****ing forgot to ship it.

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I completely forgot I had this build thread on here lol. I know that there is not a lot of interest in 240s here, but I could really use some help. Long story short, my car won't start, but it did before I installed the Power FC, new injectors, and new turbo. I did have a fuel problem, but now it is fixed. This car is a never ending nightmare, but I'm still going to complete it. Fuel problem is fixed. Now it's an issue of electric. I replaced the spark plugs, coil packs, and the igniter (thanks John). Well, the spark plugs are getting electricity; I know this for a fact lol. Stephen accidentally touched the plug while I was cranking it. The weird thing is, though, is that there is no spark. So, I'm at a loss. If you have some ideas, please throw them out there, or if you don't mind coming over for a bit to take a look at it, that would be awesome.
Is this going to be a drift car?
Sorry I can't help with your problems
No drifting lol. Just a fun project I've always wanted to do.
are you sure youre getting spark?
I'm not getting spark. That's the issue. I'm gonna go ahead and do it again tomorrow after I get a few things fabbed. Hopefully I just didn't have the plugs on all the way. We'll see...
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