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End of fiscal year for a buddies company and have had a unique investment opportunity come up that Id like some liquid cash for, without dipping into savings or basically spending no money for 2 months.

So Im dropping the price on the Camaro for the time being

$42,900 (down from 62)

Thats about 20k off the original asking price, but I feel if I invest that right I can afford that hit, and move it quicker. If it doesnt sell before the cutoff date in Jan, Ill bring the price back up and just as soon keep it than sell it for that cheap. I did want another run at TX2K9 with it, so it wont hurt my feelings.

There werent many people that could argue the deal on its original asking price, and there isnt anyone now who could say that for 42k. Thats practically giving the car away, considering theres maybe 100 miles on the $20k motor and $5k transmission.

heres the LS1tech thread:

***Price Reduced*** JUGRNAUT FS: 1500hp Street/Strip Turbo Camaro - LS1TECH

I am sort of pissed because I had a guy offer me 50 a little while back and I said no.... but oh well. Shit happens.


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damn man.

that think is to :pimp: for words.

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