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Its Got an IntakeR!
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NOT. Wow I bet I fooled you guys :secret:

Got my mods in and installed. Not the gains I wanted but I at least got the expensive stuff out of the way for when I shoot for 500. I got better throttle response, more top end, A LOT more low end, and the great supercharger whine I wanted.

450RWHP!!! Everything you need to make your 2005-2007 Mustang move! Saleen / JDM Supercharger Stage 1 Package Includes:
• Tuner
• Air Kit
• 90mm Mass Air
• Mass Air Harness
• 39 LB. Injectors
• 3.40 Upper Pulley
• K061075 Gates Belt
• Vaccum Line Kit
• Saleen Extreme Inlet Tube
• Autolite Spark Plugs


Whippled Charged...
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Congrats. Always liked your car!
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