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Pinks cancelled

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Just talked to the people at Firebird and they say that the Pinks Armdrop has been cancelled. I did'nt ask why just want to get my money back.:eek:ldman:
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No surprise there. That Armdrop Live thing is a total rip off for the track. It was said that one track was required to pay $30,000 up front and then split the gate and spectators 50/50. There is potential for a HUGE loss for the track if there isn't a very big turnout of fans.
Yup. The track owner should have said, "No problem, we'll give you a 50/50 split as long as Pink's gives the track a 50/50 split from the sponsors". lol
I think they wanted more then that from the ABQ. track.
I think you are correct, sir.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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