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Pictures from Solid Technology

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I grabbed a few photos the other day and thought I would post 'em up here:

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Wait wait wait which Sean bought this, LBZ or Terminator? Either way I'm way jealous. I gotta come by and see that bitch.
It is owned by yet ANOTHER Sean. lol.

Oh, your motor should be done sometime soon. I have to go pick it up from the machine shop.
Man, to many Seans to keep track of.

Ooo yeah I can't wait to get the motor back. Should have all the remaining parts for the build with in the next two weeks. I can't wait!

Stop by and check it out.
I'll roll by tomorrow for sure, that Supra is pure sexy! Saw a bunch of good deals for 25k and under on the supra forums today, tempting!
Sean is a real cool guy, that was my old baltic blue supra that i sold him when i moved here. Good to see its gettin what i couldnt give it.
Can you PM me what it sold for please? I've been looking into getting one and trying to get ideas as what a supra in that condition runs. Thanks, car sure does look good. Saw it in person today :headbang:!
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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