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pics from grappling tourniment

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the 170 lb division had the largest bracket of the event with 34 guys in it.
I grappled 6 times , won my 1st 3, lost the 4 th (gassed) won the 5th and got DQ'd grappling for 3rd, slammed the guy rampage style cause i got frustrated being behind 2 points with 30 seconds left.:banghead: was fun just didnt like the 2-5 min rest period between rounds.

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hell ya man thats sick.

Gratz mang!
That's sick man! Now you're on my "do not fight these people" list.
hell yeah dude
Congrats bro. Looks like your beefing up too
I used to wrestle back in the day. I didnt know they had a league like this. Thats badass
That's sick man! Now you're on my "do not fight these people" list.
Haha, ya + 1 to that!

Right on man!
+hp for ground and pound
good jpb man you should have told me when it was i would have went
looks like your trying to get some man loving in the second pic lol jk ;)

Good job on placing :D

I always wanted to grapple but with albuquerque kick boxing there weren't many girls to do grappling with so i just did the kickboxing classes.

thanks everyone, im not trying to be some ultimate fighter or anything i just like the physicality, and its a great way to work out
nice job Will.. looks like a real good time. To bad there isn't video of you slamming that dude into the ground.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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