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PI Romeo Cams, and tires for sale

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Used set of 4.6 or 5.4 Romeo PI cams, good cam swap for 96-98 Mustang gt with the non pi cams.

Cam bearings surfaces have been micro-polished and are within OEM specs.

Cams are from either 01-04 Mustangs, 01 and newer Crown Vics - Gran Marquis - Lincoln Town Car, or 01-03 Ford Explorers (they all used the same cams)

$50.00 obo

Also have 96-04 Mustang gt nitrous adaptor plate that fits inbetween stock throttle body and plenum if anyone is interested. $20.00 obo.

Still have 2 245 45 17 tires and 2 275 40 17 tires aswell $250.00 obo. Great Tread BFGoodrich Z rated tires came off stock GTO, less than 3000 miles on them.

Located near Montgomery and Carlisle if you want to stop by a check them out, pm me if interested.
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