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Photo a my little project

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I have been looking to be able to tune the Vega more accuratley and this is what I have come up with. I will be able to add or subtract 5-6 HP in the "sweet spot" in order to keep from going too fast.

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man,how long did it take to figure all that out?
man,how long did it take to figure all that out?
It has been a work in progress. I basically inventoried every jet I had as though it were a Nitrous Jet. I then purchased the corrosponding Fuel jet if I didn't already have it. After testing all year and finally getting an idea what the car would run on various settings I determined that somewhere between 150 - 200 is what it'll need to go low 10's. So I got every jet in that range. My setup is 5 HP for each .001 of an inch increase in jet size. The nitrous calculator I use has always been dead on on the Dyno so I just go with that.

Nitrous Oxide Jet size and HP Calculator nos n2o

The car went 9.80 at 136ish on a 258 shoe so I dropped it to the 215 shot and it went 9.89 @ 135.005. I am thinking I'll be on 100% pump gas running 10.20's on as low as a 150-170 shot.

I can tune betwenn 50 and 400 HP on the single plate so the 2nd plate and solenoids are coming off because I really don't need any more than that anyway. I'll store them for future use.

Finally, I'll shorten the bottle line to 1/2 it's length in an attempt to keep from losing a race like I did against Anthony Dickson in the Steet Brawl.
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Sounds like you got the nitrous down. Are you going with option 1?
I have some home iprovement projects I would like to complete this off season, landscaping, etc. I think I'll go with turning it down, for now, and running the 10.20 class. Easier on parts, and the budget. This way I don't have to do anything, except the transmission and routine maintenance over the winter.
Sounds good. Save some money.
Hell yeah get that thing dialed in. Should be some very competitive racing next year.
Now we have to start getting the driver dialed in:lol::eek:ldman::eek:ldman:
I say we go back to a Pro Tree. It is the same damned thing as instant green. That way at least we know what are reaction times really are. :LOL:
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