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Official No-Bull thank you thread!!!

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First off I would like to thank EVERYONE who attended and participated. The racers... ALL OF THEM did a hell of a job yesterday. Roy (Lucasmotorsports).... thanks for the use of the 5th Wheel. That was a huge help to us. I'll never be able to re-pay you for that. Jed, thanks for rounding the cars up for me and making sure everyone was safe. I'll have a talk with Lawren about what happened in the water-box. Trey, Thanks for keeping everything in order. Ron... THANKS for all your help too. It was nice to hang out and see how many people respected you. Sean, Sean, and the Solidtech crew....thanks for bringing people in to sighn up. Cysco.. awesome pics. Gion Crazy... (Eric)... YOU ARE THE MAN. Over 100 hot-dogs and burgers were cooked. We can't replace you. Thanks to everyone making this OUR RACE. It was nice to share our efforts and make a killer meet and race out of it. It went exactly how I wanted it to... just a bunch of people hanging out and having a good time... not to mention RACING THE SHIT OUT OF THIER CARS!!! I would have to say I was glad I didn't run. It was alot of work as is. Thanks to Don too for coming out. It's nice to have nasty out of state cars attend. Scott drove over 150 mile to be there too wich was awesomw. Thanks again guys... and remember the next one will be just as bad ass if not better!!!
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**** ya cant wait for the next no-bull !!!!!!!!!!!
I may just have to make a trip down to catch one of these events this year!
That was a great day. Had a lot of fun yesterday and it went pretty smoothly with no real complaints.
I had a great time, fell asleep at the light and got eliminated but it was still fun. I'll definitely be running in the next one!
I missed this thread, But Josef, you did one hell of a job, everybody involved did, maybe if going to the track was like that all the time, i'd go more often, I was cruising up I-40 when I thought to myself , I never even offered to hang around and help clean up, I feel like an asshole, Eric gave me something to eat when I was hungry and I never even thought that he might need a hand packing everything up, I was so happy about winning, I guess I just thought about myself, we'll have more NO BULL's and I'll make things right, I had a damn good time and look forward to seeing somebody else get their turn at a 'W', thanks again.
+1 on a big thanks to Joseph and the crew from solid tech. Thanks for the hospitality. I have never felt like an outsider around you guys, even though I live so far away we all hang out bullshit and race like old friends. Thanks to GoinCrazy for cooking for us. That is a LOT of work. It was all very good. I ate a bunch, so I know. I am already looking forward to the next one. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.
A HUGE props to ALL that were responsible for making the FIRST No Bull of the 09 season happen.

Joseph, you did a fantastic job with the organization and running of the No Bull. You shined like no other.

Obviously, a huge thanks to ABQ Dragway. Without the track, or their support, No Bull would never be able to take place.

To ALL the sponsors, you guys are great. Thank you.

To all the racers. Damn, you guys put on one hell of a show for us ALL to watch. Thanks! Congrats to you all.

Can't wait for the next No Bull...

Josef, call me this week.
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Thanks for all the hard work Josph. Thanks Erick for the food it hit the spot.
I'm glad to see the NO BULL race is in good hands and will keep going and growing.
Thanks for the support of the track.
If there is anything I can to please don't hesitate to ask.
Fast Twin Turbo Tiger in the world:seeya:
I appreciate all the work everyone did. Thanks to jasony063, Termin8r, Jed, Jaseph, for their help on the camaro, Eric for his help and his cooking. Cars didn't do great but I am more there for the community anyway. I had a ton of fun and congrats to the winners. Can't wait for the next one. :beer:
I can't say thank you enough to Goin Crazy for cooking! :lol: And thanks to everyone that attended, I had a great time. Straight up "No Bull" racing at it's finest. Sorry about your cars, lbz34. BadNews, you were so damned consistent all day, it was pretty impressive watching you run. 01smokes, holdin' it down on the bike. Thanks to all who showed up and supported the series! Can't wait for the next round. :beer:
it was a fun day and WILL participate next time.
Lets make the next one even bigger and better.
You guys are all welcome. We all had a great time and that's how it should be. I am just glad that everybody got to eat and we had plenty of stuff to feed people. Joseph, Sean, Sean, and everybody else, you guys are the shit. Watching you guys race the shit out of your cars made it all worthwhile. Congrats to all the winners, especially John (Badnews), that ****ing car is bad ass. Old School for the win! I can't wait for the next one already. This time I hope Sean doesn't forget the John sauce. LOL Maybe next time I will wear a hat on sunscreen, I am burnt pretty bad. ****ing white guys.

I went just to watch and had a great time. Everyone did an awesome job running their cars and Josef did a great job runnning the event.
Had a great time thanks to all, glad I could met a few new peps!
It was a very fun day. Thanks to everybody involved ;).
Congrates to all you guys. I wanted to get by an BS but I had my hands full with the new car.

I told you guys the Nova was going to kick some ass... :lol:

You know us old fart love the roots blower deal...Kudos to John and the BADASS NOVA.....

Sounds like you guys had a blast...
Great event!! i hope I will get my junk together ffor teh next one. I don't think I stand a chance with Bad News out there.
Great event!! i hope I will get my junk together ffor teh next one. I don't think I stand a chance with Bad News out there.
cause you drive a Mustang... :banghead::beer:
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