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After talking with 1BAD4DR, we have come to a conclusion of when this meet will happen!

March 22nd of 2009!

Event will occur at 11AM (Mountain Time) until whenever

Location: Mariposa Park (Taylor Ranch Park) in Albuquerque, NM

We will have Video and Picture Cameras there, so have your ride looking its best!

I will also get there a TON early to grab a Gazebo with shaded area and benches, so no one fries in the sun!

This is a BBQ, and contributions would help, so everyone can have refreshments and food!

I will be bringing - The Grill, Charcoal, Plastic Silverware and some Soda

If you are going and can bring something, please shout it out!

Here is the List of Folks Going!

1. GooberMT + 2 - The Grill, Charcoal, Plastic Silverware and some Soda
2. LittleMT
3. Tone Boss
4. DVS3076
5. Mitsuwa (CSRT4 from NV)
6. DvC (CSRT4 From AZ)
7. 1Bad4Dr + mrssrt10
8. OrangeCitrus (NSRT4 from TX)
9. PINNY (Caliber from NV)
10. DRHEMI (CSRT4 from AZ)
11. Nova
12. 50Trimmed
13. 97sh/srtdoes**s (maybe)
14. Erik aka Pizzaman (maybe)

Here is the map of the park

Come on everybody, lets make this a mega meet and have a ton more people there than last years meet!

Also, if you have no business in this thread and want to cause trouble, please just pick on me in other threads :) thanks


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There is the meet houston march 17 to 21 so a lot of people will not be here just throwing that out there

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now that i'm running a dodge chrysler jeep store i guess i can bring a few cars down..
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