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No-Bull October 3rd - DAY RACE!

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Is this a day race? If so, we need to get the word out, I hadn't thought about that. Also any word on whether the track will be open the Friday night (Oct 2nd)?

REMEMBER: All cars are welcome. Slicks OKAY! Open Exhaust OKAY! Can't make the drive - THAT"S OKAY! Bracket Cars - COME PLAY HEADS UP. Help spread the word. No-Bull is open to virtually any car.

No throttle stops, door cars only.
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Just have to take a little timing out and i"ll be there:seeya::eek:ldman:
Plus I don't give a rats ass if I get banned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:no:

Jerry you know better than to drink monsters after 5pm you get all grumpy and start anger posting:lol:
I guess the anger managment classes are'nt working or maybe it is the monster drinks.
I better see you the 10'0 class:eek:ldman:
you better be able to stay in the 10.0 class..:lol:
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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