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So post up if you're attending and want to bring stuff. Eric (goin crazy) will cook. I'll update the list as needed.

TRMIN8R - Hotdogs, buns, cooler with ice, table, canopy
01smokes - Hot Dogs and Hot Dog Buns
Josef****enJaureguiberry - Burgers and Buns
Trey and Mel - Desert and mayo
osyris - Plates/Silverware
turbomopie - 24 Pack O' Cokes
Jessie Babbit - Water, Chips and Dips........and NO ****IN PURPLE DRANK!
01WS6 - Patties
NoVa - Drinks
LS1=GOD - Drinks
lbz34 - Grill/Cook
1bad4dr - Table
Cat - Salsa, Brats, Hotdogs, buns, hamburgers, chips, mustard, ketchup, cheese
SloSS - drinks

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Ill bring some stuff not sure what yet. But I am gonna bring me something different to eat that can be made on the grill. It sucks being on a damn diet!


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Im in for burger patties
1 - 20 of 67 Posts
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