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I have some NAAAWWWWWZZZ for sale....

I'll get pics up ASAP (as in tomorrow).

I have [For Sale] (everything is OBO):

1 Big NOS nitrous solenoid (I have seen the same solenoid at Yearwood for around $200). It is used, and works great. Good enough to snap rods. $75

1 pair of bottle brackets (Steel, looks great, and is not ****ed up. Also, they came off of the TRMIN8R. So 505outlawzws6, I know you want these). $10

1 Small (52mm) Autometer white faced nitrous pressure gauge (Works great! comes with bulb and gauge pod). $30

1 Ten pound "NX style bottle nut" nitrous bottle (It is used, but I have never used it. Well, it LOOKS used, but the car it came out of never saw the bottle. So it may have not even seen any nitrous. It is painted blue and is ugly. Comes with bottle nut). $50

1 NOS shark nozzle single port jet (used, looks great, works fine. Only good for a dry shot). $5

1 NOS nitrous filter (used, and looks great). $10

A bunch of nitrous line (used, works great, no leaks), including a feed line that is about as long as my car (all of them are -4an lines IIRC. I will find out and post pics tomorrow). $30 for all the lines.

Or come pick it ALL up for $150 obo.

Either pm me, shoot me a text/give me a call at 5059200015.


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