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Terminator had an issue with a misfire or somthing. I am sure he'll get that sorted out pretty quickly

Bitchstang needs to get the powerglide put back together.

GoinCrazy got the grill fixed so we are good there ( I don't think his new Camaro will be ready by August 1st - or will it?)

I have several plans for the Vega.

1. Remove the .389 gears and replace them with .411. I have these already in a 3rd member ready to go so this will only take an evening.

2. Obviously re-wire the nitrous with a new switch. Going with a relay this time.

3. Check the brake and rotors for heat damage (LOL).

4. Going back to the single nitrous plate, larger solenoids and the enrichment fuel cell up front (mostly for simpicity more than anything).

5. I'm gonna see if Mark Wilson (Wilson Header manufacturing) can do somthing with that spark plug boot burning header.

6. Up the nitrous to a 150 shot.

I was doing the math and had the car left on nitrous (assuming it hooked) and ran it's usual 1.4X 60 ft. (intead of 1.76) it would have ran somewhere around 10.30 to 10.40. The gear change and 50 extra HP should be good for the other 2-3 tenths to put the car in the low, low tens.

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Put in new o2 sensors godamnit. I'd like to run the 13 class next time. Even if I can't be incredibly competetive. I wanted to this time but my o2 sensors keep shitting. I need to figure this out, because both times I've gone to the strip they've done this. I've really only gotten 5 good runs in this car in two trips.

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if i can get the money fast enough...a th400 and 3600 stall. should be able to slide witha rebuild and shift kit on the stock tranny...dunno yet.

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lol.. just to have one of the cars there and not just my pit bike.. lol
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