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What up TSC! So the name is James. I am from Lexington, SC but live in Japan as of right now. I will be moving to San Diego here in 5 months. As of now I drive on a bus here in Japan. In the states I have a '96 Cobra. I am looking to buy a '03 Cobra when I get back to take out to Cali. My boy Slomaro showed me the sight a couple days ago and I like it. Cars, girls, and parts. What else could you ask for. L8er for now.:beer:
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Ohhhh shit I'm recruiting Mu****a's from Japan!!!! THAT'S RIGHT!!!!
This dude is cool as ****, showed me how to ride a crotch rocket for the first time in FL, hit 167mph the first time on a real bike and shit my pants. He doesn't give a **** and will run from the police on one wheel, and be flipping them off at the same time. I think he will fit right in here....

Welcome to TSC!!
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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