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Hey all,

Just thought I would intro myself.

Been viewing this site for a while and finally joined. I know a few of you from the streets way back , the drags, and now from your Th. night gets togethers.
I live in Los Lunas now and know there are a few of you down here, so hit me up when you are goin' out.

Some of you may know my Buick, white T-Type w/ black hood. We have a silver SRT-4 w/ black wheels (DD), Mango Ram Daytona and a couple other old muscle cars.

There are some seriously fast cars on this site...awesome. What I like most is that you drive them to the track!

Well that's about it. Glad to know the ones I do and look forward to meeting more of you.


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welcome, post some pics dude

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What up Lee its Fernando I talk to you all the time at the track you prob remember my black Eagle Talon. Glad you joined man great group on here.
1 - 20 of 41 Posts
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