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Hey guys, I have a 1994 Toyota Supra. TT, 6spd. Here's a pic:
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Just BPU right now: Full exhaust, and an ebc.

Went 112 @13.1 (no traction:() before the boost controller. I think I'd be trapping in the high teens now w/ a mid 12 ET.
Sweet ride. Welcome to the site.
great. another reason why i want to kill myself.


welcome man, sweet ride.
Welcome to the site, nice supra
Welcome to TSC.
Welcome! I heart supras..
welcome to the site loco
welcome to the site
I've always liked supra's... Welcome
Welcome to the Site man I hope that you really like it!!!!:headbang::headbang:
Welcome, hope to see ya on the streets one of these days.
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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