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Whats up guys i found this site from watching a video and noticed the name in the bottom corner. Seems like a pretty sick place. Well i guess you guys want to know what i have.

1994 Z28 Camaro t-top leather
Engine- Rebuilt 6,000 ago by me
P&P heads
Patriot dual extreme valve train setup
LE custom grind cam
52mm throttle body
32lb injectors
long tubes
true duals
CSR ewp
1.6 rollers
adjustable fuel pressure reg.

Trany- Auto 4L60E
Rebuilt 3,000 ago by me
Built auto
fuddle 3400

4inch cowl hood
LS1 SS spoiler
SS ten spokes

LT4 knock module
3.73 rear end gears
NGk plugs
MSD wires
HSW wet kit
Dual gause pod-Air/Fuel- Trans temp
scan master
Fan switches

I'm sure i might be missing some stuff but if you have any questions just ask.

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Welcome to TSC! Post up some pictures of your ride!

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welcome holmes

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Not strip times with the last set up, the only times i have are from when it was stock and those aren't so pretty.

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Welcome. Really want to see more pics of your car.

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Nice, I have the same car with a little less mods.
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