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new guy from aztec NM

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hey my name is Eber im from aztec nm. i saw some videos on street fire and thoght i would join the forums.:eek:ldman:
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Welcome...MY AIR FILTER lol
Welcome. Sounds like a cool truck.
Any ET times or dyno #'s?
Welcome to the site man!
Welcome! Post some pic's.
I've seen your truck around. Sounds pretty durty. Welcome.
I lol'd at the sig as well! hahaha..

welcome to the site
Whatever happened to Jeff Reno, Chad Hutton, Tater, the Delevbis's and all those guys down there? Welcome!
some of them are still down here, i see taters cummins around town alot.
its was dynoed in phoenix without nitrous and the custom sct tune 369whp and 444t ETs was a 13.6 in phoenix also without juice and the tune. so im guesssing a low 13s in alb, im going down in march to find out what it does on the track with some slicks.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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