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New combo 370ci/F1 18+psi

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How's it going guys? New to the forum and figured I'd post my build thread over here as well. If you guys have any questions or want to see any other pics let me know. Here's the link to it on

New build/combo..F1/370 - LS1TECH
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Love the set up. Great numbers
Took the inlet off....I have a fast GT-500 and evo that need to be taken out.
Check out this part for the inlet. I picked one up for my car. Without a inlet, I picked up 50rwhp. This is what I will be using for those special days.
Race Parts Direct
this is a sick build, wish i had the change to boost mine :(
Bump! Have a whole nother combo going together for this thing in the next couple months. Shit is about to get real haha
101 - 104 of 104 Posts
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