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New combo 370ci/F1 18+psi

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How's it going guys? New to the forum and figured I'd post my build thread over here as well. If you guys have any questions or want to see any other pics let me know. Here's the link to it on

New build/combo..F1/370 - LS1TECH
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Should be going up to the dyno on monday hopefully. Maybe tuesday.
BUMP this bitch is getting strapped to the dyno right now, will post vid later tonight!
Had an awesome day at CMS!!!!
The dyno vid and some pics for your enjoyments!!
The car ran out of fuel quick. 60lbs injectors were at 150% duty cycle at 652hp. Still on stock lines with dual pumps. He is upgrading the fuel system soon.

[ame=]YouTube - F1 Procharged LS1 Camaro Dyno[/ame]


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Bad ass!!!!!!!!! I bet that was a cool experience checking out a big LSX shop like that. They have a shit ton of projects going on. The car is a beast can't wait to see numbers with an adequate fuel system!

+Hp for sharing.
She made a best of 663rwhp and 607rwtq on only 13psi. I'll try to get a graph tomorrow to post it was a great linear run. I was hoping to run more boost but I'm glad I didn't. Fuel pressure is dropping off to 40psi. It held over 625hp from 5500 up to was a really nice linear pull....Once I finish my fuel system and add a little boost I think high 700+ range is achievable...this is also a pretty stingy dyno too lol
hellz ya
Your car is coming along nice man. Very nice numbers your making
So today was interesting. I found out some good things and also bad. I found out that the car makes well over the 13psi originally thought lol. I found my silicone 90* going into the throttle body had a large tear in it. I replaced the 90* and took her back out on the highway and did a nice 4th gear pull....HOLY SHIT! I was originally watching my wide band and it felt like it was pulling WAAAY harder so I glanced at the boost gauge and it was just starting to pass 15-16psi. I let out instantly but thankfully I still had a 11.3 AFR I went to do another pull just to confirm and on this pull the intake popped off....only bad thing is that it blew off so hard it hit one of the return fittings for the steam crossover lines and cracked my radiator! Idk how much power she would have made with it was SIGNIFICANTLY HIGHER then before lol. I guess I'll fix my shit and see what she does. I'm also having a issue with the motor throwing the serpentine belt. Anyone else ever have this problem?
So I got her going again...she's making 15-16psi as thought and she loses traction at 110mph with 275 M/T DR's....this thing is going to be a hand full lol
So I got her going again...she's making 15-16psi as thought and she loses traction at 110mph with 275 M/T DR's....this thing is going to be a hand full lol
**** yea Chris. As long as that AF stays good your golden to tear up some Vettes Friday!!
We'll make that happen friday night...I need to keep her around 13-15psi. I don't want to chance the AFR goin out of the 11.'s
Oh and it looks like our target is going to be 20-21psi total...guess we'll see what she does when I get my fuel system done lol
even though its making the boost... id be careful. injectors are a bitch when they go static lol
That's why I'm gonna keep the rpm down a touch and keep the boost to 13ish psi where she was originally tuned for.
Yea it blows for now but hopefully I'll get a FPR this week and run a ghetto return style system for now lol. I just need to keep the fuel pressure up. It's dropping to 40psi on the hit which is no good.
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