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well Cisco and me mostly Cisco busted are ass trying to get my bike ready for the last day of the track and we did it, we got the nitrous hooked up we took the bike out to 63'' and put the bitch in the dirt there is less than 2'' clearance from the oil pan lol i could not even strap the bike down thats how low it was.

Well anyways we got out to the track about 11:30 made my 1st shakedown pass launching a little harder than normal and busted off a [email protected] shifting at 10,600 on the auto shifter came back around and turned up the shift point to 10,800 and busted off a [email protected] these were both done with a 1.52 60" and launching at about 3k, so i came back up staged at 5,500-6,000 and let it go and the ****in clutch would not hold the launch, im sure if the clutch would have held it would have went in the 1.4x and in the 9.6x range

I also didnt get any clean nitrous passes in when i did try to spray it it ONLY picked up 2mph we think something is up with the progressive i have on the bike, and its never going to 100% because about half the time testing it the night before it would just keep progressing and never hit 100% and the other half of the time it worked like it was supposed to.

Well ill be heading out to Az to run the bike in December, ill put a new clutch in and see how it does hopefully i get close to the 9.0 range on the motor and 8.80s on the spray
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I was there to see a few runs but since it wasn't on video, it didn't happened.

Cisco and Art are lying!!!! They sprayed the whole time and Art is just a little bitch and scared to ride it with that extra ummphh!!!



I told you should have put it on a button switch and hit it all from 2nd gear have had more issues with Nitrous electronics than anybody I have known....... Of course I was the one that sold you some of the parts.........but the progressive was brand new as was the Window switch. My bad!! :lol:
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Oh, BTW the DA was around 5700'. Could have been better if it wasn't for the high humidity.....sprinkles of rain will do that.
Having the ability to drive something on the street and actually taking that toy on the street for your own pleasure is completely different. I sure hope he could beat me since I can't rev my car over 2500rpm currently:banghead:

and why the hell are you going to swing on Art's nuts like that? Calling me out with Arts bike?? I've raced Art at minimum 10 times (mostly on the street) and he usually beats me. No sweat off my back.
You said "Nuts"!!!

Anyway, who gives a **** if you decide to trailer a bike or car to the strip. I do it because I choose not to ride from RR all the way to the strip and back. Not that it won't do it but I don't desire to make that ride. And Mike, if you had your truck, you would have loaded it up like you use to in the's convenient to be able to relax in a vehicle than to have to ride the bitch home after a dozen or so runs over a period of 6 or so hours in the heat.

I was there when he was changing the map to a nitrous map so I am sure he was running legit. Doesn't mean that his POS nitrous setup wasn't leaking nitrous in by accident to give that little ET decrease...... just saying Art......ha....ha...ha......

As far as the nitrous installation goes and the inconsistent issues, Cisco does a very nice job on the wiring, so it is not a wiring problem but a possible defective performance part, like no one here has never had a brand new part that was faulty........

The better performance came from the weather not the slamming of the bike. The 60ft. did not get better but the 330' obviously did, if we only measured that here at ABQ drags. Anyhow, the difference from the weekend before and this past weekend was on average 800'. That can certainly attribute some of the performance gain. Just remember though, all the math in the world doesn't mean crap when you have human error involved.

One last thing, I don't believe a 9.6X anything would have been possible on motor......even with a 1.49 60ft......just my opinion. But damn man, be proud of the 9.75et @139.
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