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decided to keep wifeys mustang,went to track tonight to the test and tune to get a basic idea what this thing wants,first of all it needs a gear,60ft was sad to say the least,you guys know any parts thats worth the money(not a grand for 30 hp)to make this thing run more than a 10/30 through the 8th(sad),also just got smoked by an 06 gt,i mean blew my doors off,and supposedly hes stock,bigger throttle bodies and injectors and all that,,are they worth what they cost,just askin maybe you guys might know what will make this 5.0 run.dont want to consider nitrous,car has over 150k on it,dont want to blow it.looking for maybe an extra 100 or so



Buy 3.55's from bet for 100hp outta one mod is nitrous, or go with F/I. Otherwise heads a cam and a better intake manifold is a good start.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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