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Adrian is unable to post at this time so he told me to look at this site and pass on the good word sooooo.... I checked it out and it looks to me like they have some pretty useful stuff! Adrian can get discounts on any merchandise you may need or want so check it out and if you are interested shoot him a PM!!!!


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Okay everyone im on now. I got my 1st decals from and they have some good tints for our headlights, taillights and side lights. Its really easy to put on and it stretches and contours to your lights like my rear lights. I took pictures of how they look now and man its bad... I like it it...

Also all members will get an additional 10% discount on top of what other disount he has no his site. Just pick what your going to buy and check out; at check out, there will be a discount code entry box. for alll you guys, the code is


THis code will will you the additional 10% discount on your orders. Shipping is quick and they even have a 1-800 number incase you have problems contouring the film to your lights. The film is really workable and even if you pulled it off your light and tried again, it will still stick. I hope you guys check the site out and see what they offer. Also he will be adding new sites for all you drifters and racers... If you have any questions on any product, just give me a call at (505) 974-9032.

Now for performance parts, he will get you a better deal on what you need from anywhere else. One of these sites is
Theres alot of performance and other parts available to you. just send me an email at [email protected] and ill get direct price for your parts your looking for.

This also for bikes so dont walk away.....
He also does custum decals. Just tell him what you want and how you want it and bam there you go. the main site is [/url][/url]

if you need pics of my headlights and taillights, let me know. i just dont know how to add pics.
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