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Need 275 Drag Radials and 4" muffler asap!!!

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I need some 275/60-15 Drag radials or the equivelant size ET Street etc. and a 4 inch bullet type muffler ASAP!!!!! Thanks, Anthony Dickson 328-2731 or [email protected]
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What??? I'm just tryin to make it to a car show!!! Its at uh.... the... uh... yeah a car show thats it a car show!!! Ha ha ha ha!!! Anthony
Everybody knows that low 8 second cars cant and or wont make that drive. Thats far. Not worth the $1000 bucks for sure. You boys have fun! Anthony
Thanks man. Yes the car does still have the stock gas tank, power everything and even the ol' Alpine system. You'll know it me for sure when you see the parachute rollin in traffic bumpin the "Icecream paintjob" song lol!!! Anthony
Lol hey John whats up brother? You racin?? Were going to watch and support a great race, hope you race and kick some butt!! Anthony
Found a 4" muffler from Hellion Power Systems that fit perfectly, Thanks Dwayne!!! And got Hoosier Daddy DOT tires too. And wouldnt ya know it with my connections it PASSED emissions!!! All registered and insured, even a license plate!! Problem? Its ****ing knocking!!! And has a bunch of valvetrain noise. Pulling the motor out now, think it lost the thrust and maybe a lifter.. The crank sensor wheel touched down with the sensor and the belt is missing a rib so the crank is moving around sick. Sucks but that lil soldier has over two years of low 8 second passes on it so I'm not too hurt. Wish me luck, Dickson
Guess I bought a muffler and DOT's for nothin. They canceled my car show. Next year I guess. Anthony
1 - 8 of 26 Posts
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