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Need 275 Drag Radials and 4" muffler asap!!!

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I need some 275/60-15 Drag radials or the equivelant size ET Street etc. and a 4 inch bullet type muffler ASAP!!!!! Thanks, Anthony Dickson 328-2731 or [email protected]
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Everybody knows that low 8 second cars cant and or wont make that drive. Thats far. Not worth the $1000 bucks for sure. You boys have fun! Anthony
HAHA, we know that "most" low 8 sec. cars can't or won't make that drive!:lol:
Lol hey John whats up brother? You racin?? Were going to watch and support a great race, hope you race and kick some butt!! Anthony
I hope I'm racin', I sent my belts off to CROW to get re-certed, last time at the track they said don't come back with that out of date harness, I'm hoping they make it back in time, you should run in this race, that way we'll keep the $$$$ in Albuquerque.
Does that mean you will eating CROW if they don't get here in time:lol::eek:ldman:
I eat Crow everytime I go to the track.........pass the salt!
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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