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I have a complete chassis with interior and every thing the motor was cooked to death by the owner. So I am selling this as a complete chassis. There is some small damage behind the rear passenger door it is not bad. Over all this car would rate a 6-7 out of 10 all the leather interior is still there and complete all body panels are there and complete the wheels that are on the car will not come with the car because the old owner already took them however I will find something to put under the car for transport. I can take pay pal or credit card for this car I hold clean clear title on this car it is a real 1996 mystic cobra
3500.00 OBO I want this gone in a week. If you pm me with an offer make sure that you are prepared to pay for it with in the 24 hours of your offer
My phone number are 877 269 8955 or direct 602 269 8955 m-f and Saturday until 4pm

Here are some pictures


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I don't have any money but is it buyers responsibility to transport?
I'd like to put my 5.0 in it lol
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