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Gotta wait for the finances to straighten out before I can get started but just wanted to lay everything out and get some outside opinions. Feel free to give any suggestions. I'm planning on building a 302 on a 150 shot, i'm not sure how well/long the internals would last to that abuse. So anyone with some heinz sight (sp?) on a similar setup I'm all ears lol. Its just going to be a street/strip/weekend car.

The Car:
1989-1992 Coupe

302 c.i.
Pro-M 75mm Mass Air
Edelbrock Performer RpmII Upper/Lower
GT-40X Heads
Taylor 9mm's
MSD BlasterII

BBK Ceramic LT's
Dr.Gas X-Pipe
Dr.Gas Spintech Pro-Street Mufflers dumped

Florida 5.0 Dash w/ Autometer
FRPP 2000 Cobra "R" Seats
6pt Bolt-In Cage w/ Swing-Out's??

17x9 2003 Cobra Wheels
M/T ET Street's
15% Tint all around
2.5" Cowl Hood

AJE Tubular K-Member
AJE Tubular Front Control Arms
Maximum Motorsports Caster/Camber Plates
Maximum Motorsports Subframe Connectors
Lakewood 90/10 (Front)
Lakewood 50/50 (Rear)

5 Lug Conversion
Moser 31 or 28?
FRPP 3.73's
Tremec TKO 500
Spec Stage 3 Clutch
Pro 5.0 Shifter

Thinking about using Zex kit...

I'm doing this at like 2am so I might have missed some stuff lol.

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whats wrong with 87,88,93?

87-88 can easily be converted to mass air

93's hypers can take some abuse

out of that list there would be a few things I would change, but if a strict budget is in mind just disreguard my opinion!

I would ditch the CAI.. stock box would work fine

ditch the heads.. buy some afr's/trickflows

buy a custom grind cam

swap out the lakewood stuff for strange adjustables

I would run 31 spline stuff with an upgraded diff

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Thanks for the input,and yes i'm going to be on a strict budget. lol

I'm not too familiar with the speed density and wasn't sure how easy it was.

Ya true on the heads, there isn't much of a price difference either.

Also i've found is pretty cheap but if anyone knows other places feel free to lmk. Thanks again

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50resto is an okay site to order from there flat rate shipping can be a good and bad thing.. I also order from

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That intake is ridiculously expensive, and probably outmatches those heads.

I agree with you on the years to use, the speed density cars can be converted but it doesn't always work right if you use the re-pinning/splicing method. If you're on a super tight budget, use 31 spline axle with a truck differential.

I dunno, you have some parts that are marginal in price and quality and some parts that are more from the high end of the market. What are you planning on running? Obviously it's gonna be a daily driver?

Personally, I prefer NX over Zex.
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