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Lol, so Jasony0630 and myself decided to have a little bit of fun tonight... So read and enjoy the mad tyte JDM pwnage.
RoManiAnXmiK3 is the guy we were fucking with.
This is how it all began:

RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:08:02 PM): yo
[email protected] (10:08:11 PM): wut up
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:08:15 PM): nm
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:08:19 PM): u
[email protected] (10:08:26 PM): You the dude from Honda Tech?
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:08:33 PM): yea
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:08:36 PM): em1 fox
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:09:10 PM): explain to me moe bout ls1 ecu
[email protected] (10:10:34 PM): Well, 1st you have to find a 99-01 Camaro, Z28 or SS, yank out that ECU, slap it on your honda, it will make your motor run like it's a V-8, because of the extra air/fuel mixture. It's beautiful I tell ya.
[email protected] (10:11:25 PM): Not many honda owners know about this mod since they're all about being mad tyte jdm and not about power.
[email protected] (10:12:09 PM): this mod will cost you like maybe a couple hundred dollars, and will give you atleast 50whp and70 wheel torque. Dyno proven.
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:12:48 PM): but wut i dont how does a camaro ecu fit onto a honda
[email protected] (10:13:56 PM): Dude, it's easy. You have to splice a couple of main harness wires, make sure you pull the harness to ECU connector outta the camaro when you get that ECU dude, save ya a ton of headaches. You'll have to solder a couple pins, but that's no biggie bro.
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:14:45 PM): if dere a vid on this..dat a honda run on a ls1
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:15:09 PM): is*
[email protected] (10:15:40 PM): I haven't seen a vid, but I've seen it done. Lemme link you a dynograph. hang on a sec
ATTENTION (10:16:30 PM): Direct IM session initiated. What is this?
[email protected] (10:16:57 PM): You get that dynograph shot i just sent ya?
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:17:03 PM): ya
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:17:31 PM): i have a stock 99 si..wud the power of the ls1 ecu blow up my engine
[email protected] (10:18:13 PM): Nah bro, those b16 blocks kick ass man. Hold a shit ton of power. I've seen them go up to 40 lbs of boost.
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:18:42 PM): dam
[email protected] (10:18:56 PM): I've even seen a bone stock B16 push out 800fwhp out of a bone stock block on 45psi out of a GT4788R.
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:19:09 PM): wtf
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:19:09 PM): wow
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:19:17 PM): dats fucking insane
[email protected] (10:19:39 PM): Yeah man, I never thought it was possible. It's amazing what you can do with these motors. They're bulletproof.
[email protected] (10:19:42 PM): literally.
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:19:59 PM): do u have it done to ur honda or something
[email protected] (10:20:29 PM): No, my buddies honda, my honda is only layin down about 500fwhp right now.
[email protected] (10:20:44 PM): I still need to do the LS1 ECU mod, just been lazy.
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:21:41 PM): 500whp
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:21:42 PM): nice
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:21:47 PM): wut u boosting
[email protected] (10:22:18 PM): Just a tiny 57 trim for now. T88 in the works.
[email protected] (10:22:49 PM): I'm running low on my VTEC fluid in the VTEC solenoid, if I top it off, I can get at least 50 extra wheel hp...
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:23:26 PM): ya..i need to replace my solenoid gasket..oil leaking through..but been kinda lazy
[email protected] (10:24:17 PM): Oh dude, for sure, def get that taken care of! When you fix that, you should pick up around 10whp at least cuz then you won't be losin any oil. Ya know?
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:24:31 PM): ya i no..
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:24:44 PM): also i have a gutted cat
[email protected] (10:25:21 PM): Nice man! I would just go get some 5" diesel exhaust, and run that header back! It frees up a lot of power. Less backpressure.
[email protected] (10:25:41 PM): Have you done the poormans port and polish mod?? It's awesome
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:25:47 PM): i have magnaflow exhaust with 2.5 piping
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:26:01 PM): so its not bad
[email protected] (10:26:07 PM): Eh, too restrictive man. Seriously, that 5" is sick.
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:26:26 PM): ya true..
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:27:01 PM): have u ever lost vtec
[email protected] (10:27:52 PM): Oh yeah man, I've blown numerous VTEC solenoids. Ran too much boost, those bolts can break. I got some stage 8s though, so it's holdin up really good.
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:28:24 PM): i lost my the wire
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:28:28 PM): at the ecu
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:28:33 PM): how i dont no
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:28:41 PM): i was driving home once
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:28:47 PM): den i wanted to hit vtec
[email protected] (10:28:48 PM): If you have not done it yet, you should do the poor mans port and polish mod, you'll prolly pick up like 70fwhp from that. I did.
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:29:06 PM): how much is dat
[email protected] (10:29:15 PM): Dude, just get a fresh wire, splice it up, and rewire and solder for the vtec
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:29:37 PM): oh no.this was a long time ago
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:29:42 PM): i fixed it
[email protected] (10:30:44 PM): Poor mans? Free dude. You do it yourself. 1st, you pull your header off, and use a dremel tool to port the exhaust ports a little bigger, then for your intake ports, just toss some salt into your intake while revving to 3000 rpms, it'll port polish and clean.
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:31:58 PM): were i get the dremel tool
[email protected] (10:32:13 PM): The hardware store bro. Like 20 bucks
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:32:31 PM): is it easy..i dont want to mess up anything
[email protected] (10:33:04 PM): You have to be retarded to fuck that one up dude, don't worry, you seem competent, I think you could do it easy.
ATTENTION (10:33:47 PM): Direct IM session disconnected. What is this?
[email protected] (10:34:13 PM): brb dude, i gotta go smoke a cig. for real.
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:34:47 PM): lol
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:34:51 PM): ya mite as well
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:34:52 PM): sb time
[email protected] (10:41:09 PM): back
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:41:16 PM): kk
[email protected] (10:41:38 PM): anyhow, so are you getting enough fuel for all those mods?
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:42:07 PM): not really..i mean ihave a p28 ecu chipped..and it runs rich
[email protected] (10:42:53 PM): well you gotta trim it out to get more power. Like you gotta get more air through that motor. Do you have any kind of intake on your car?
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:43:18 PM): cold air
[email protected] (10:43:40 PM): why?? that will just suck up water and hydro lock your motor when it rains even a little bit.
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:44:05 PM): i no i no
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:44:13 PM): im goin to cut it soon
[email protected] (10:44:17 PM): You should best take that whole setup off, logically, if you run open throttle body, your motor has access to more air. Therefore, more power.
[email protected] (10:49:19 PM): you still there?
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:49:47 PM): yes im here
[email protected] (10:50:02 PM): also, have you done the vodka mod?
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:50:11 PM): wtf is dat
[email protected] (10:51:06 PM): lol, it's where you put a quart of Vodka in your gas tank (cold Vodka) for every 5 gallons of fuel you put in your car. People do this to keep their gas cold on hotter days.
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:51:23 PM): oh
[email protected] (10:51:27 PM): It bumps 91 octane to 101 octane.
[email protected] (10:52:36 PM): higher octane = more power
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:52:43 PM): ya i no
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:52:47 PM): same with racing gas
[email protected] (10:52:52 PM): yeah man.
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:53:02 PM): but i dont want to fry my pistons over racing fuel
[email protected] (10:53:18 PM): If you can get some c-16 race gas or q-16 race gas, you should pour some in.
[email protected] (10:53:30 PM): your pistons wont fry with race gas.
[email protected] (10:53:39 PM): people that say that did it wrong.
[email protected] (10:53:51 PM): it's because they didn't do the vodka mod.
[email protected] (10:54:17 PM): the race gas that got into the cylinders was way too hot, that's why they fried pistons.
[email protected] (10:54:32 PM): but if you keep the gas temps cooler, you'll have no problem.
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:54:50 PM): since we r talking bout racing fuel
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:54:50 PM): lol
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:55:13 PM): my buddys jet fuel and put it into is honda
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:55:21 PM): lol
[email protected] (10:55:33 PM): I bet that thing ran fucking great!
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:55:39 PM): ya
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:55:44 PM): he said it was nice
[email protected] (10:55:56 PM): I bet haha.
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:56:02 PM): but he wudnt tell me were he obtained jet fuel from
[email protected] (10:56:15 PM): you should get some then :p
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:56:35 PM): i said he wouldnt tell me
[email protected] (10:56:42 PM): ouch.
[email protected] (10:57:06 PM): Oh well, if you put some q-16 race gas in with some nice and cold vodka, you'll proly be spanking him in no time.
[email protected] (10:57:30 PM): ofcourse, you might wana do all those mods I told you about earlier just to be sure.
RoManiAnXmiK3 (10:59:13 PM): wut was the mods u said i shud do
[email protected] (10:59:56 PM): port and polish the head, ls1 ecu, 5" exhaust headerback, vodka mod
[email protected] (11:00:01 PM): and maybe race gas
[email protected] (11:02:35 PM): alright, well I'm crashin out dude, got an early day tomorrow. Good luck with those mods.
RoManiAnXmiK3 (11:02:57 PM): aite man..thanx for the help
[email protected] (11:03:02 PM): word. peace.

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WHAT THE FUCK!!!!! put salt in your intake and rev up to 3000 rpm to polish it.
put vodka to cool down the gas? 45 psi on a stock b16 = 800 hp this guy has to be biggest ricer i have seen, take off your intake more air = more power and of course a ls1 ecu for a 9000 rpm motor yo!

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Well moron or not, that was, IMO, a horrible thing to do to a person.

You guys actually feel good about yourselves for trying to get some shmoe that owns a Honda to blow up his motor?

What did that guy do that was so wrong to deserve a shitty prank like that?

Not funny at all. And respect has been lost.

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i agree but at the same time i cant honestly say i wouldnt get carried away in the stupidity...especially if its someone i really dont like.

but it is kinda funny

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That's too bad.

Me and Rob did think (and still do) that it was pretty funny. It was more or less "How stupid can we get before he finds out we're just fucking with him?"

Apparently we still have a couple levels of stupidity to go through before he finds out we're just kidding.
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