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just for everyone to know this is not a crazy build its a mild build so please if you have nothing nice to say keep it to your self and sorry about the blurry photos crappy cam
started to build this car but wanted something nicer

so i found a cherry hatch

go sick of the huge stance and decided to put these on

after about an hour and better front wheels and spacers

step to look good

heres the pics of the car all buffed out paint looks new next update will be the aero kit and motor install

fine engine

thanks to civskyline for delivering it to my door

prepped the car

began the swap

and finished up

thanks to the help of
andrew dixon
john m.

i finally got sick of the stock look so added some aero

and wanted a wangan soooo

just my full thread of buildness over 3 months

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Looks good man!
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