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Mustang parts, DSS motor, turbo kit, MSD, injectors, Trick Flow intake, ect....

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I finally decided to part out a bunch of stuff from my Mustang project.

Pro Bullet DSS 306. Its a level 10 block, has forged pistons, I beam rods, main girdle, ARP bolts, and I believe the compression ratio is 9.5 to 1. I am selling it as a short block but if you buy it Ill throw in the stock heads I have for free. I have all the bolts hardware ect if needed.

Next up is the Cartech street sleeper turbo kit. It includes the upgraded ITS 70mm turbo. I do not have the intercooler piping as I sold it to go with 3 inch so I could use the PMAS 3 inch pro tube. (I was told that using smaller diameter piping with it would cause the car to run bad). You can get an intercooler on ebay for around $200 with 3 inch piping but it will need a little welding. That is what I bought but I am still saving mine. Included is the 70mm ITS turbo, two manifolds, cross over pipe, downpipe, oil lines, and Tial wastegate.

Stock heads with upgraded valve springs. I am not to sure what kind they are but Ill try and find out. $200

157 tooth JW Ultra bell SBF to powerglide (tranny not included) $220

42lb injectors I believe they are made by Lucas $180

BBK Edlebrock 70mm throttle body $130

ARP head bolts. $30

Tan SN95 front seats $70

Power steering rack from 1989 LX Mustang $25

Stock gas tank from 89lx SOLD

PMAS pro tube maf 3 inch calibrated for 42 lb injectors. SOLD

Alternator from a SN95 along with tension er and housing for everything that bolts to motor. SOLD

Trick Flow Street Heat intake manifold with 4 new upper to lower gaskets, and new mounting hardware. SOLD

MSD parts. MSD Wires with high temp boots SOLD

PM or email [email protected] or call 505-718-9525.


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Why are you selling? Anyways good luck with it.
Why are you selling? Anyways good luck with it.
I am going a little different route plus I need the money for bills. Money has been real tight this month.
I'll give you 125 bucks for just the block cisco, never a bad idea to have a spare layin around lol
Are you selling the MSD ignition box? Which kind is it? 6AL, Digital 6?
Are you selling the MSD ignition box? Which kind is it? 6AL, Digital 6?
Its already sold. It was a 6AL.
How much for just the distributor? No cap or wires.
How much for just the distributor? No cap or wires.
Make me an offer.
WHTKNHT Buy this Turbo Kit!!!
$75 for the distributor alone Crisco.
joe if you want just a stock block i have one laying in the shop std bore and all sorry to jack thread cisco

Omar I already sold the distributor.
WHTKNHT Buy this Turbo Kit!!!
i actually was going to but i dont like how the layout of the turbo is on the driver side. there is much more room on the passenger side. i was trying to look up the turbo but could not find anything about it. i checked out cartech but they are now selling garrett turbos with their kits. if i just wanted the turbo how much could i get it for if you are willing to sell it like that? or, maybe even how much would you take for just the headers, crossover pipes, and down tube?
Im not looking to split it up right now. The turbo has a flange for the downpipe and changing it out would be more trouble then its worth.
ok well let me know if you are ever willing to split this package up.
Well thanks considering I posted a week ago!
Cisco is a great seller! I bought the maf and my car runs great with it!
those valve spring look like trickflow springs, i just put some on my car and the look the same
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