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Modifying an ls1.. need some input

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So I have been throwing around the idea of buying an ls1 powered vehicle(ss camaro/trans-am/corvette maybe). Now I know just about nothing when it comes to these cars and products available for them.
I would like to be around the 400 hp range and spend less than $3000 (preferably all motor) in here is the big question..Whats the best route to go and who would i take it to.

Thanks for the info!
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Bolt ons and a tune will get you really close on a six speed car. Do a cam swap and you will for sure be over the 400 mark.
Any suggestions on brands? I figured i could go with cams, intake and exhaust and a tune and stay around $3000.

Sean was my first thought as far as tuning and installation
I do have suggestions, but are you buying an f body or a corvette, I own both, the budget brands are different for each.
Well I had my eye on a 2000 z28 with an ss package but I believe the package is basically aesthetic. But it is a 6 spd. Now the ls1 is a single cam but isnt there two, one for each head correct?
Nope, Just one single "in-block" camshaft. One for each head would be "SOHC" or "single over head cam."
No shit?!! lol I was way off damn ..ok cool..I cant wait to get back from basic and advanced training.. I am going on a shopping spree!
are you buying that white one?
I dont think it'll be available by the time i get back but that's the one I had in mind. It's a pretty good deal. I get back from basic and advanced training early december and ill have at least $10,000 to play with
to tell you the truth man you should just buy one that has 400+ already its faster(as in time) and sometimes a bargain, i almost took out a loan to buy a 29k mile 408 trans am w/450hp for 8k lol.
unless you want to make your own custom set up.
just my .02
Well I'll be looking more intently when I get back, but I am a littel concerned with how a vehicle may have been treated you know? If one comes up I would consider it, but I would have a full pre purchase inspection done before I would buy it.

I liked this one because it was all stock and single owner. Which usually means it has not been abused.

****2000 chevy camaro SS/Z28***
Pictures by gueido23 - Photobucket

plus it gives me satisfaction from going from one point and setting a goal for my car and reaching that goal. I would not mind getting one that already had light upgrades.
Did I confuz teh panduh?:lol:
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