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88' 331 Fox carbed vs 90' 331 Fox EFI. close runs...

Couple Vids of my two friends who both have 331 foxbodies, the white one is an 88 and its Carbed, the red one is a 90 and its EFI. the first vid is of the 90 running 12.6 at the track, the second is of the 88 running a 13.5 at the track, the third is a street race vid thats kinda long, the 88 is running a victor jr intake and a 670 street avenger carb, the fourth is a quick run between them where the 88 swapped to a performer rpm intake and 650 DP Holley. They have been going back and forth for sometime now so its always fun to do something new and beat that car that has been barely beating you for the longest time ya know...

90 running 12.6

88 running 13.5

90 vs 88 on the street

88 vs 90 on the street
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