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10 reasons women don't belong on car forums...

10) Car forums don't have a kitchen.
9) Car forums don't have anything to clean.
8) No, there are no threads that will help your fat ass in those jeans.
7) Car forums don't have any clothes for sale.
6) Hearing you talk is bad enough, reading what you type is awful.
5) Nobody cares.
4) We can't have sex with your "personality".
3) You never post pictures of your tits.
2) None of you ever actually own a fast car.
1) We can't put our penis in your posts, avatar or signature.
Since these fuckers feel the need to bash us women, why not have some good old malebashing fun in the Girls Locker Room? Post what you got ladies!


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No matter what age they are and how much practice or teaching men get, they NEVER learn and still miss the toilet.


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