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M&G has nothing on this body shop!

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Good Gawd! thats some chitty work..
holy fack!
is that kinda old, but yeah that sucks.
thats horrible.
man i would be buring that shop down right now :lol:
Oh my god!!!! You have got to be shitting me!!!! LMAO!!! the car is ****ing ruined!!!! Wood screws for the win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this was posted on RSW a while back...old, but still sucks!!
The more you look the more unbelievable it gets.
That is some beautiful work.. I wouldn't allow anyone that types like Mike to touch any part of my car. Just no sign of intelligence.
Thats ****ing nuts!!
major ball dragger!!! looks like the guy did it at a construction site and used some left over screws, wood shims & joist hangers... G.L. w/ the fix
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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