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Lt1 Granetelli MAF for sale

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Used Granetelli MAF w/cold air tune for sale. I was using it in my car but im going back to stock since i have a lt4 hot cam in my car now and getting a custom tune from pcmforless. The granetelli MAF recalibrates your air to fuel and also advances your timing. Makes you car run a bit leaner and advances your timing. lt1's run a bit rich from the factory for low grade gas. Works best w/cat back exhaust and a cold air intake. Im selling for $80 by itself. Or if you want to trade your stock one plus $40 ill take that aswell so long as your MAF works.

It works good, gained 3 tenths at the track with cold air intake and the Granetelli when i was close to stock. Just doesn't work with my setup anymore. So if your interested pm me. I also have a chrome air intake for the lt1 too, $20 . Also have a 94 opti with only 3000 miles, I needed to upgrade to the vented opti for the cam install, that can go for $40.
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